Genes in Space

“Genes in Space”, initiative for a student competition and conference on “Space Biology”. 

The US student competition “Genes in Space” ( combines fascination for space with enthusiasm for biology. BioWissKomm has set itself the ambitious goal of establishing this competition in Germany. A student/teacher conference in spring 2022 is planned as a pilot project for this purpose. 


Prof. Wolfgang Nellen 
Sarah Block 


In August 2021, an interview was conducted with the 2018 “Genes in Space” award winners ( and the idea emerged to create a similar competition for Germany.
Since then, many discussions have been held with relevant stakeholders to explore the possibilities for this. Among the discussion partners were representatives of the American sponsors Boeing and miniPCR-Bio, as well as the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO). The idea was generally well received.
The first supporting partners were miniPCR-Bio, the German Biologists Association VBIO and the Society for Genetics (GfG).