Corona explanation videos

The level of information on viral infections and on vaccines is insufficient in many countries. This leads to vaccinations being rejected for ignorance, religious, or ideological reasons. 

We want to raise awareness in Tanzania and Indonesia with a series of easy-to-understand stop-motion videos.  

The story boards for the videos are written by Prof. Elisabeth Knust and Prof. Wolfgang Nellen. Khalid Abdullah creates the videos and speaks the audio in Bahasa Indonesia and English, Chacha John speaks the audio in Kiswahili. 


Prof. Wolfgang Nellen 
Prof. Elisabeth Knust 
Stephan Auner 
Khalid Abdullah 
Chacha John 

Alpha Rosida Assegaf 
Kayla Eral 

Projektstand status:

Finishing story boards 
12.11. 2021 
Video-Conference with consultants from Indonesien and Tansania 
15.12. 2021 
Video 1_V1 in Review

The project was initiated by the Senior Expert Service Kassel and is supported by the Lions Club Bad Wildungen. 

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