Who is BioWissKomm?

BioWissKomm is a small but well connected company dedicated to support science communication in schools and the public but also to help scientists in teaching and research. 

BioWissKomm was founded in 2021 by Wolfgang Nellen who initiated the non-profit association Science Bridge in 1996. Unfortunately, Kassel University terminated the very successful collaboration in 2021. Science Bridge had to be dissolved in 2022 and BioWissKomm took over most of the expertise. Even though we are commercial, we offer services at an affordable price and may give discounts for those who have insufficient funding – talk to us! 

Our expertise

With Science Bridge, we have accumulated experience over 25 years with teaching courses in molecular biology on all levels (from the general public to high school and to training courses for university lecturers). Several former Science Bridge members are now working with BioWissKomm. We offer lectures, seminars and workshops (online or live) on various topics of bio-sciences by our own staff and by expert partners from scientific associations.  

We provide advice for lab equipment, experiments for undergraduate courses and support for public presentations with artwork and design. 

Wolfgang Nellen


Managing Director

Wolfgang Nellen, Dr. rer. nat., Professor for Genetics (emeritus.)

Research aereas: Basic research on epigenetics, chromatin organisation and small regulatory RNAs (siRNA, miRNA) in the model organism Dictyostelium 

2010 to 2013 President German Genetics Society (GfG)
2011 to 2014 President German Biologists Socienty (VBIO)
since 2021 Editor in Chief of BiuZ, a German language journal with review articles covering the entire field of biosciences.
1996 Founder of the school and public lab „Science Bridge“ (first under the name „MobiLab“)
Development, organisation and implementation of various teaching and information formats for schools, special interest groups (priests, artists, farmers, teachers etc.) and the general public. Activities mostly in Germany but also in Switzerland, Austria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kasachstan.
Funding by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the German Reseach Association (DFG), German Ministry for Research and Education (BMBF) and various foundations.


BioWissKomm works with a team of freelancers with different expertise.

BioWissKomm “Ambassadors”

Science Bridge, the predecessor of BioWissKomm, did not only work in Germany but also had long lasting contacts to more than 20 Indonesian universities. We do our best to continue these collaborations.
During the last two years we have established contacts to schools and NGOs in Tansania. We will try to extend these collaborations with the help of young “BioWissKomm-Ambassadors”.
They can serve as first contacts, answer questions and help to work out a suitable project.
You may contact BioWissKomm directly, in some cases it may be easier to first talk to the Ambassadors in the local language.

Siti Nur Aisyah, PhD

Ambassador Indonesia

Isyatul Azizah, MSc

Ambassador Indonesia

Khalid Abdullah, BSc

Ambassador Indonesia

Beivy Kolondam, MSc

Ambassador Indonesia

Stephan Auner

Ambassador Tanzania


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