Synthetic Biology – Further Reading

This list of links and references accompanies a talk on synthetic biology that was first presented in November 2023 and should encourage further reading.
The current talk is aimed at an audience with some background in molecular biology but may be adjusted upon request for a more general audience.
The list and the talk will be updated when necessary and can be booked (online or live) at

BioBricks from iGEM

Very good paper on DNA writing

Mycoplasma laboratorium, first complete synthetic genome.

Movie on DNA methylation by dCas9

The expanding world of tRNA modifications … (Pay-wall!)

Reconstructing biochemical pathways (Golden Rice) (Artimisinin – Pay wall!, PDFs on Google scholar)
J. Keasling 2010 DOI: 10.1126/science.1193990

RNA modification by pseudouridine (German)

Extending the genetic code (German)
unnatural basepairs

Structure of proteins: prediction by AI

Structure-function modification
Nobel Lecture by Roger Tsien: