Our Services

Though Bio-WissKomm is a commercial company, we feel responsible to offer science education and materials to everybody at reasonable and affordable prices, adjusted to the financial possibilities of the customer. Do not hesitate to contact us to get an offer suitable for your needs and your budget. 

Depending on time and funding, members of the BioWissKomm-Team will try to visit Indonesia and Tanzania once a year. Visits will be announced via the Newsletter. 

In addition, we have representatives (Ambassadors) in both countries (see “Team”). They can answer some of your question and help you to design your project. But you can certainly contact BioWissKomm directly.

Lab Equipment

Especially in emerging countries lab equipment is often very expensive and does not always meet the requirements. With good contacts to some European and US-American suppliers/manufacturers we can suggest equipment for reasonable prices and good quality. In some cases, we may be able to negotiate bulk prices to make equipment more affordable. In Indonesia, we cooperate with Plasma-Unitech and will support them with seminars and courses for the training of teachers and lecturers.
Consulting for lab-equipment is mainly aimed at small to medium research and teaching labs and to schools that want to offer simple and inexpensive experimental work to their students.

Courses for undergraduates and high schools

In collaboration with other companies, BioWissKomm develops and distributes kits for easy to perform teaching experiments. Offers will be posted here soon.
Upon demand, we can work out concepts and instruction manuals for courses according to your needs.