We are the
of science.

Who is BioWissKomm?

BioWissKomm is a small but well connected company dedicated to support science communication in schools and the public but also to help scientists in teaching and research. 

Why BioWissKomm?

In our opinion, science communication can be optimized on all levels.

It is about a general understanding of the nature of science and questions like:

  • How does science actually work?
  • Where do scientists get their funding from?
  • What is a scientific publication?

Furthermore, we want to grant insights into special fields of science. Central questions might be:

  • How does a vaccination work?
  • How dangerous is genetic engineering?

We have a broad offer not only for the public, but as well as for for the scientific community.

BioWissKomm is a commercial enterprise. Though, we are highly interested in supporting a social idea of education, which means, that education muss be financially available for everyone. Therefore we will adjust our prices in relation to the financial capacities of our customers as much as possible.

Our goals

We are highly motivated to make these topics accessible and understandable to everyone – regardless of age or scientific background.

  • We are giving insights into science to public people or to societies and clubs, who are interested.
  • We support scientists to make their scientific projects publicly accessible and to communicate them with the public themselves.
  • We also give support in writing grants, to enable a financial basis.