Corona Explanation Video 1

Here we have the first really visible product from BioWissKomm!
And it was a phantastic effort by lots of people: Khalid who created the figures and made the video, Chacha who travelled 28 hours by bus to do the Swahili version together with Stephan and many others from Tansania and Indonesia who provided advice. Thanks to all!
Lots of people feel insufficiently informed on the Corona pandemic, what a virus is and what the effects of vaccination are. And there is a lot of misinformation in the social media!

BioWissKomm explains all this with a series of easy to understand stop-motion videos. Part 1 is now available in English, Swahili and Bahasa Indonesia:

Please help to distribute the movies and share the link wherever you can!
Vaccination and other means of protection will help to overcome the pandemic!

After the movie is before the next movie! We are now starting to produce part 2 and part 3!

Project website: