Sheree Domingo

Sheree draws comics that have been published in the Berliner Zeitung or Le Monde Diplomatique, among others. Her comic debut “Ferngespräch” (Grimmelshausen Förderpreis 2021) was published by Edition Moderne.

She collaborates with scientists (including for CRISPR-Whisper, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, University of Tübingen and Ellery Studio) and uses visual storytelling to draw attention to other perspectives. Here, comics serve as an interface between science and society – bringing ethical issues to a wider audience.

Sheree also uses comics for visual problem solving as a graphic recorder or facilitator, including for Documenta Fifteen, JIK, and the University of Potsdam.

She is currently collaborating with author Patrick Spät on a new graphic novel (“Madame Choi & the Monsters,” Comic Book Prize 2021)