Jann Buttlar

Freelance educational speaker and textbook author.

Research interests during his studies: metastasis of pancreatic cancer to the liver and basic research on epigenetics in the model organism Dictyostelium discoideum. Other focus areas included the study of communities as metaorganisms and marine viruses and bacteria. Main focus as an educational speaker: climate change and sustainability, Corona, making molecular biology understandable.

Member of Science Bridge since 2010. Organizing and conducting hands-on molecular biology courses for students and faculty under IGN-Bio (Indonesian German Network Bio-Sciences).

Since 2016 activities at KlimaSail, sustainability education with focus on marine ecosystems on sailing seminars.
Since 2017, independent educational consultant.
2021 Publication of the “Textbook Tutorial Genetics – a (detailed) introduction”.

Current focus remains on sustainability education, but also on pandemic-related topics such as vaccination and the relationship between science, facts and fake news.